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Spiritual Direction

Although Elizabeth Lawrence's religious upbringing was traditional Roman Catholic, she has moved to a faith that is truly universal. She embraces peoples of all religious backgrounds. "I can participate in church recognizing it is a human organization that makes mistakes without losing the beauty of ritual and community," cites Elizabeth.

For the past 30 years, Elizabeth has assisted individuals and groups of different ethnic and faith backgrounds recognize the movement and direction of Spirit in their lives. (Spirit being the Energy that is sent from the Creator to infuse us with knowledge and healing.) She has worked in Catholic parishes, Retreat Centers, Holistic healing centers, and private practice.

Through silence, deep listening, prayer, sacred texts and our everyday experience, she assists in the process of discerning between ego needs and our true purpose.

Elizabeth offers "Healing of Memories" as an adjunct to her work to better enable clients to release patterns that prevent them from recognizing the movement of Spirit or moving into action needed as a result of discernment.


Elizabeth A. Lawrence, MA, 2011

“Send forth Your Spirit and renew the face of the earth

My Daily Prayer
Elizabeth Lawrence, MA



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