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Mediation & Counseling

Mediation & Counseling

Elizabeth Lawrence is also available for couple, family and group mediation and counseling.

Understanding the mediation process begins with knowing the root word is the same as medicine and mediation—to become whole—to bring those in conflict to a state of knowing that they have accomplished the right thing for themselves and the other.

Elizabeth begins by meeting with each individual to learn what the conflict is and to do healing around that conflict, so each party can come to the mediation process clear of old hurts,and to better enable solutions to evolve. Meetings can sometimes be painful as each person owns their part in the problems. But solutions come forth as each party becomes willing to compromise.

This process works well for those deciding on divorce and child care issues or in resolving conflict within families or organizations. This is a spiritual approach to conflict resolution.

Elizabeth often stays in contact for a period of time to insure the process is proceeding as agreed upon.

“Elizabeth Lawrence has a special gift for mediation. She creates an atmosphere of clarity, healing and conciliation that allows each party to negotiate from their best self.

The result is much more than an agreement.

It is an honoring and clearing of the past that makes room for a graceful, expansive future.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.,
Psychologist, Author, Medical Scientist
Boulder, CO


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