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If you’re ready to begin the healing process, the LuMarian Center can help you move emotional mountains that have been blocking your path for much too long.

At the LuMarian Center, people of every faith, ethnic and cultural diversity are helped in mind, body and spirit.

What is the LuMarian Method?

First, the name. It combines “Lu” from the Greek for light; “Mar” represents the Divine feminine; “ian” is the male-female balance. Elizabeth Lawrence developed LuMarian™ to bring together the benefits of energy, medicine, centering prayer and intentional living.

The LuMarian Method is unique in the way it combines therapeutic counseling, meditation and a spiritual healing practice. Deep trauma, guilt, grief, depression and physical pain are all especially responsive to the healing capabilities of this powerful method.

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Who Can Benefit?

Individuals and families in crisis, couples, and even siblings with repetitive destructive behavior patterns, can work through and dispel the issues causing the conflicts that undermine healthy and loving relationships.

The method is particularly helpful for people with excessive depression or anxiety. In fact, individuals with substance abuse, physical abuse and psychological abuse histories can all benefit from the LuMarian method of healing.

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“Healing of Memories”

Elizabeth uses a unique “Healing of Memories” technique to gain release from the attachment of old wounds or trauma stored in the mind and body. This is particularly helpful for those suffering from childhood memories, accident and addictions. “Healing of Memories” and recovery work very well together.
The LuMarian Center paves the way for personal growth and resurgence of the strong, natural spirit that is within everyone.

Although she comes from a Christian tradition, Elizabeth Lawrence embraces all beliefs. Elizabeth has presented the LuMarian Method to groups and individuals worldwide. In many cases, spirituality and prayer groups form after the presentation.

It is Elizabeth's belief that through prayer, all things are possible and that prayer “over the miles” is an effective tool for healing. So she also conducts individual healing sessions on the telephone which have been well received by many people. These sessions are approximately forty-five to sixty minutes in length and involve open conversation, consultation and prayer. Appointments can be pre-arranged at a time convenient to both Elizabeth and the client.

To make an appointment for a private or phone session with Elizabeth, please contact her at (201) 818-6204 or e-mail her at

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LuMarian Intensive – Training Seminars

During this gentle, experiential weekend designed fro professional caregivers, healers, and individuals, Elizabeth teaches LuMarian™, her method of energy healing.

Participants can:

  • Learn and practice a method of energy medicine that releases childhood trauma, injury, grief, guilt, and fear
  • Open self to one's creative nature
  • Heal multi-generational family issues
  • Begin a practice of intentional living
  • Understand and practice centering prayer
  • Learn how to use the seven Chakras as a doorway to release and receive energy
  • Connect with one's own wisdom and life purpose
  • Obtain peace through forgiveness and gain deep spiritual awareness.

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Centering Prayer Group

Learn a method of silent prayer form dating to the Desert Fathers. This program is given once a month at the Church of the Presentation in Upper Saddle River, NJ.



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