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Elizabeth Lawrence founded the LuMarian Center to offer spiritual direction, counseling, healing, mediation, and training. Her methods are based on proven clinical counseling procedures as well as beneficial spiritual healing that is too often omitted from conventional therapeutic approaches. She looks at the “total of the individual”: lifestyle; work patterns; family background; and diet.

LuMarian training is offered to those interested in Energy Medicine or in seeking deep spiritual renewal through “healing of memories.” Elizabeth believes all healing becomes “concretized” in community, so she has helped form spirituality groups across the country.

Elizabeth holds a Masters in Pastoral Counseling, is a spiritual director and certified mediator and has been ordained as a spiritual healer by Ron Roth, Ph.D. at the Celebrating Life Institute. Her post-graduate studies include Mind-Body medicine, Yoga, Centering Prayer, Therapeutic Touch, and the Science of Intuition. She has facilitated women’s spirituality groups and seminars, including the nationally-known “A Gathering of Women” retreat with author Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. Her call to ministry has taken her from local Catholic parishes to small third world villages.

Elizabeth conducts individual phone sessions that can be used effectively as an adjunct to your own therapy or psychiatry. She teaches and celebrates with peoples from all ethnic and religious backgrounds calling them to peace, community, and purpose.

Elizabeth has four sons and six grandchildren. She enjoys yoga, strength training, traveling, theater, and walks along the beach.

We invite you to call Elizabeth at 201-818-6204 or e-mail her at to discuss your needs.

Listen to those who have experienced Elizabeth's healing touch.

“Elizabeth Lawrence has a special gift for mediation. She creates an atmosphere of clarity, healing and conciliation that allows each party to negotiate from their best self. The result is much more than an agreement. It is an honoring and clearing of the past that makes room for a graceful, expansive future.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.,
Psychologist, Author, Medical Scientist
Boulder, CO

“Elizabeth’s work has enabled me to connect with myself, my clients, and my world in a more spiritually authentic way. I am deeply grateful to her for providing a truly mystical experience.”

Kathleen Calabrese, Ph.D.,
Family Therapist,
New York, NY

“Elizabeth Lawrence assisted in healing my entire family. As a recovering addict and incest survivor, I found her work to be warm, wondrous, softly gentle and deep – helping me release attachments to my old issues. Elizabeth works with the power of angels.”

Alison N.
San Anselmo, CA

“Elizabeth’s approach is traditional and contemporary, always looking to wholeness, without denying the painful, yet delighting in each person’s blessedness. The dedication and shear pleasure she brings to the ministry is an example to me and infectious to all. LaSalette is happy to host her healing workshops.”

Rev. Richard Landry, MS
Director, LaSalette Center for
Christian Living
Attleboro, MA

“Her seminar, LuMarian Healing, is a life-changing event. It is recommended for all those searching for an accessible spiritual experience that can heal the traumas of modern life.”

Marguerite Wood, MSW, LICSW,
Participant in LuMarian Training
Scituate, MA

Elizabeth A. Lawrence, MA, 2011


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